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Welcome to the Web site of award winning author James J Houts. James has burst upon the literary world with his imaginative storytelling, insightful characters and powerful plots. We invite you to pull up a comfortable chair and explore his writings.



Quality of Quantity
: Redemption of an American Expatriate 
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An expansive narrative of love and loss, time and aging, stupidity and regret, and learning how to live, Quality of Quantity exposes the vulnerability of the poor, the weak, and the young. The author engages successful “Boomers” with the question they’ve been asking themselves: Was that all there was to life?

Heath, a wealthy retired executive, finds the answer to that question as he narrates his story of global travel, business in China, third world exploitation, and self-discovery. Tormented by guilt since his twin sister's molestation when they were ten, and her drug overdose death when they were sixteen, Heath blames himself for not protecting her. After an exciting life of libertine excess and emotional isolation, Heath finally learns the truth behind a life based on quantity.

Written with plot turns reminiscent of Flynn’s Gone Girl, the raw honesty of Strayed’s Wild, and the unfettered structure of McCarthy’s The Road, the novel seduces the reader with the guilty allure of a traffic accident.

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 Quality of Quantity, the sixth book and third novel by James J. Houts, won the NABE Pinnacle Book Award, the Reader's Choice 5 Star Award, and was Finalist for the prestigious Book Excellence Award.

Spirit of Error, the author's first novel, is the winner of three 2011 eLit Awards: Science, Current Events-Foreign Affairs/Military, and Fantasy/Science Fiction.

James J Houts' Non-Fiction book, Reminiscences of a Stock Market Flea was the winner of the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Summer 2014. The second book in the series, The Stock Market Flea: Trading the Crash of 2008, won the NABE Pinnacle Book Award for Fall 2014.

Explore some of the author's short stories at www.medium.com/@jamesjhouts.  

Listen to the interview James gave Bill Kearney of the radio show Financial Spectrum just click here.  

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Here is what informed readers are saying about the author's Stock Market Flea series

 (The author’s example of comparing stock options to a real estate lease-to-own agreement) is a powerful analogy. It’s the first time I’ve understood options and I had a Series 7 (stock broker’s) license.
Business Editor

This is a fascinating book about not only options trading, but also the history of the business. It achieves its objectives admirably, and is a very good read.

The book is an extremely well written guide to investing for the layperson. The material is easy to read and amusing; the tone is light and casual while the book still manages to be very informative. The movie analogies work very well.

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